Foster Care & Adoption

Christian Family Care - Thrift Store

What: Volunteer at the local thrift store
When: Weekdays, Saturday, morning & afternoon
Who: Adults & children 14+, groups
Where: 32nd St. and Greenway Rd.


What: Meet a material need for a foster care child
When: Ongoing
Who: All ages
Where: Online, local delivery

Firm Foundation

What: Learn about Volunteer Opportunities
When: Ongoing
Who: Requirements vary
Where: Mesa

Arizona Helping Hands

What: Learn about Volunteer Opportunities
When: Weekdays
Who: Adults & children 16+, groups
Where: 32nd St. and Thunderbird

Thrive AZ - Mentor or Warehouse Volunteer

What: Mentor youth or warehouse volunteer
When: Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm
Who: Requirements vary
Where: 32nd street and Thunderbird Rd

Thrive AZ - Thrift Store Volunteer

What: Thrift Store Volunteer (sorting donations, tagging clothes, pricing items, pulling new items for floor)
When: Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30am-5:30pm
Who: Any ages; minors must be accompanied by an adult
Where: Cave Creek and Eugie Terrace