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First Impressions

Serving on SBC’s First Impressions Team gives you the unique opportunity to create an incredible guest experience for every person who attends one of our campuses. Our teams create excellent weekend environments that exceed the guests' expectations of hospitality. Through our actions and interactions with our guests, we display the love of Jesus and introduce them to a church that all people look forward to attending.

The First Impressions Team is looking for volunteers on all our campuses in the following roles:

  • Greeter: Give a warm and friendly greeting to our guests and answer any questions they may have. Greeters should be familiar with the campus they serve on.
  • Parking Team: Help direct cars in the parking lot and drive golf carts to assist our guests to/from their desired location.
  • Seating Host: Help our guests find available seating. This role is crucial once the house lights go down and the music begins.

If you would like to pursue a volunteer role within our First Impressions Ministry, please click Connect below to input your contact information. Please indicate in the Comments field which role you are interested in.